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GT: Rinri by aeonmama GT: Rinri by aeonmama

Name: Rinri Kouri (行利りんり)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Nationality: Japanese
Year: First

Alias: Aesop
Element: Earth
Weapon: Fabulist - Chained Tome
Level: 1
Stats: STR - 1 / SPD - 15 / VIT - 10 / DEF - 10 / INT - 23 / LCK - 1
Vox // low hit damage using the tome, either a distanced attack utilizing the chain or a direct one
Carmen // Casts a buff that doubles SPD for two turns that eats up 30% of user's current HP first turn to attack, second to run away ha ha :iconming3plz:


Generally laid back, Rinri's grown confident of her own capabilities and has accepted her short comings. She does things at her own steady pace, making sure she does them in time--that's why most of the time she prefers working by herself just so no one would hold her back. Occasionally however, when she gets tired of all the pressure of being a good student and daughter. She just decides to leave it all for a moment and take a breather, most of the time at the expense of her troubling others. She keeps everyone at a distance, keeping her emotions controlled at all times. The only time she loses that control is when someone pushes her out of her comfort zone and or if someone responds to her in a way that she would never expect. Due to an incident from the past, she still has a hard time trusting others. She's not completely comfortable showing her vulnerable side to anyone since...she hasn't had gained much friends since all she's learned up to now is studying. Out of habit, she watches others at a distance to study the social norms..only hoping one day to apply them herself for...necessary situations. If given the choice, Rinri would rather be home schooled if her parent's just wanted high grades than deal with other people in...

+gadgets uhh

-being submereged in water for a long while
-peer pressure
-pressure in general.....

Rinri was adopted by a young and rich couple at a very young age. Her father was an elitist entrepreneur while her mother was just as money-orientated, both from the business oriented and high-end district of Roppongi in Tokyo. Though they provide her with her every materialistic need, they were too focused on either work or how other people see them to give her what she emotionally needed. They set up high standards expecting her to meet all of them, scolded her harshly if she failed to meet them. She would only nod silently when they do, never daring to talk back against them as they’ve already planted inside her that she ‘owes’ them for even taking her in. Miserably, she bottled everything and detached herself from peers and focused mainly on pleasing her parents.

She only rebelled once against them after reaching the end of her line at her age with the stress. Rinri came upon a boy and through some odd sense made her think they were similar. Immediately feeling comfort around him, they became friends. For a short while, amidst the pressure she felt considerably lighter and more alive when they spend time together. It didn’t take a while before her parents noticed and found out. They forbid her from seeing the child again, ‘waste time’ and only focus on her academics. It was about time she gathered courage to talk back and tell them how she felt when her parents spilled certain information about her real family, making her immensely curious. At the same time it gave her enough reason to snoop around and look for anything that could lead her to knowing who her only blood relative is-- only to find out that she has already found him. Nashi, the boy she met and have become great friends with was her twin brother and only family left. 

However, on the day she was about to tell him about her discovery, it was also the last day they would've been together. His own family issues were on edge that harmed both of them physically and mentally. Rinri saw her own brother be thrown off the memorable bridge they always met up at, forever scarring her of their good memories together. Her mind automatically blocked off the memory ever since then. She reverts back to exactly how she was before he came—detached and solely focused in keeping up her grades and herself entertained as much as she can—however she still waits of meeting him again hopelessly. Completely leaving her in the dark of what happened to her supposedly twin brother, she was dragged away from the scene and the rest of what was left of that commotion. Her parents noticing her loss of focus, made her look into musical instruments to somehow pique her interest and get her focus back. Making her musically inclined somehow helped her with her pent up emotions and slowly collect herself. Slowly, she recovered but not fully as she's always still been yearning for any familial affection that only Nashi had given her. Without giving her time to even get the idea of looking for him herself, her parents decided to move into the smaller community of Sugigawa. 

Being new around the place, she's still rather reserved..just not to the point of letting others push her around. She's learned to stand her ground by now...just that she hopes it won't be misunderstood as anything other than that. Right now her only focus is finding her brother...but what if she finds something more than just that..?

-rarely smiles...(unless she's very amused ya..oh well would snort)
-can play the guitar, violin and can....s i n g...!?!?!
-has....quite a soft voice...making her seem very fragile

Shou - nope
Sei - only one she actually maybe sees as a friend

these bros

full bod/refs:
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